Lucy Grigoriadis

Born in Greece, Ms. Grigoriadis moved to Toronto in 1969. As a leader in the Greek Orthodox Community-at-large, she has devoted her life to volunteer work.  A tireless member of the community she has served on many boards and works on issues affecting seniors, Family Violence and Women’s Abuse, Women’s Health Issues, and works as a volunteer translator in various hospitals, courtrooms and probation offices, for Greek families in need. The last few years she organized the cultural group “Heritage” with main goal the preservation of the popular folklore dances and song of the various regions of Greece, and for this reason she is organizing annually conventions in Toronto. Ms. Grigoriadis dedicated also time and energy to raise funds for the operation of the Greek Orthodox Schools in Toronto. Lucy is the friendly person to everyone in the community.



Michael Mouratides.

 Born in Macedonia Greece, Michael Mouratides, migrated to Canada 1966. Few years later in 1973, he elected president of the Brotherhood of Pontion Toronto an organization with members from the area of Pontos in the Caspian Sea. During his term he purchased a building on Danforth Ave, for the needs of the organization, and started the publication “ Voice of Pontion”. Later elected member of the Greek Community of Toronto with responsibility the cultural affairs. Mr. Mouratides is the one who started the Greek Parade on Danforth Ave on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Greece. He organized numerous historical exhibitions, edited and published the history of the Greek Community of Toronto and was the co-founder of the Pontion Federation of North America. Michael published a numerous articles in Greek and he was producing a radio program of free opinion.



Pratibha Bhole

 After arriving in Canada in 1998, Ms. Bhole joined the International Centre for Eradication of Poverty and coordinated their various activities. She was instrumental in organizing the function to commemorate UN International Day for Eradication of Poverty in Toronto in Metro Hall. She also participates in social service activities of different ethnic associates and organizations.  Originally from India Ms. Bhole has dedicated her life to helping others establishing herself as a respected social worker.



Dr. C. J. Kurian

 President of Alpha Charitable Foundation dedicated to fostering and promoting good will and helping the underprivileged, especially in the field of health care and education.  Born in India, Dr. Kurian is currently assisting physicians of Indian Heritage with forming the Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage.  Dr. Kurian has received many community awards for both business excellence and his volunteer work.



Tom Michalopoulos

Mr. Michalopoulos arrived in Canada in 1972 from his native Greece, with his dream for a better life. On his arrival to Canada he promised himself to avoid any involvement with the restaurants. Ironically after the first difficult years he spent in the real estate business he forced to take over the operation of a small coffee shop that was abandoned by the previous owner, in order to save his money. Later he created the “Coffee Time” company and went into franchise business. Twenty years later today Mr. Michalopoulos’ company operates 380 branches all over Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and few in B.C. Few years ago he extended his operation also in Europe where he opened the first eight shops. Over the years Mr. Michalopoulos’ company, created a non-for profit foundation helping financing humanitarian and athletic projects. He donated money to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, helped Canadian athletes to participate in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, also to the Greek Community of Toronto and other worthy humanitarian causes.




George Seretis.

George was born in Greece. He migrated to Canada in 1961, in his search for better life. After the very hard work of his first years in the country he created the “Easy Plastic Containers LMT”, with one more partner. Through the years the business has been successful and he was able to give back to community. He served several terms as President of the Hellenic Community of York Region. He is co-founder and resent president of the York Region Athletic and Social Club and also President of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation, which donated 2.000.000 dollars for the creation of a Chair of Modern Hellenic Studies at York University. George remains a very active member of the community and continues his humanitarian efforts.



Valéria Sales

 Valeria Sales came to Canada from Brazil 9 years ago. She is holding a degree in Speech Pathology and also a post graduate degree in Psychomotor Function. She has been working at the Abrigo Centre for 5 years as a counselor where she works primarily with newcomers and also with post settlement immigrants.  Ms. Sales has developed programs focusing on increasing clients self esteem, and for families where she promotes discipline without violence.  She has written articles in Brasil News for the past 7 years and is part of the Citizenship Council of the Brazilian Consulate in Toronto. She believes that humility and a positive attitude are allies to those who go to distant countries, where culture, language and traditions are different.  



Dr. Renato Harari

Dr. Harari, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He graduated from the Dental School of Nova Friburgo, Brazil.

Migrated to Canada in 1990 and later passed the Canadian Dental Board exams and started practicing Dentistry in Toronto. His patients are primarily of Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian and Spanish cultural background.

Over the years he sponsored various cultural events of non-profit organizations and also he donated his work by attending new immigrants and citizens without dental coverage. He believes his contribution to Canada as a successful professional is to help persons in need.

Your Honour, Dr. Renato Harari.    



Ian Jones

 Mr. Jones has over 30 years experience and achievements as a manager and director of social service agencies in Toronto; as a cultural leader in the steelpan and calypso art forms, as well as a facilitator of Black community enhancement.  Currently Director, Special Programs Services  of Covenant House Toronto, Mr. Jones is a tireless social worker working hard to benefit the community.



Dr. Thomas W. Gallant

 Dr. Thomas W. Gallant holds the Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair of Modern Greek History at York University, Toronto. He has published six books and over forty scholarly articles in English and Greek. In 2003, he was one of the founders of the Canadian Hellenic Historical Society. He sits on the board of directors of the Canadian Institute in Greece and is the Director of the Canadian Institute of Balkan Studies.  On a personal note, his cultural background has prepared him well for dealing with issues relating to multiculturalism, being the son of a Greek mother and a French Canadian-Mi'kmaw father.



Kleber de Souza

Born in Brazil Mr. De Souza, immigrated to Canada in 1987.

The following years he started his involvement with the Brazilian soccer team in Canada. He created the first club named Sao Paulo Soccer Club, which today is known as Stellar Brazil. The club created a reach history in Canada and won many championships. With his vision Mr. De Souza managed to unite the Brazilian community of Toronto and across Canada.

He volunteers many hours of his time teaching young Canadians to master the skill of soccer. He is organizing cultural events in order to raise funds for his team and many times he has to reach his own private finances to maintain the sport, which is very cultural to many Brazilians around the world.



Joanna Parris

 In her role as Event Manager/ Office Manager Joanna Parris skills’ have contributed to making the Caribana Festival a success.  She is an author and in was the major force in starting "Re-Claim Our Youth Through Education and Training" an organization which is focused on keeping Black Youth in School and for those outside the school system making sure that further education or training is available to them.



Ms. Xue Sheng  

Xue Sheng  is a member of The Independent Chinese PEN Center;  a non-political organization of writers who fights for the protection of freedom of expression and publication. In 2000, she won The Canadian Association for Journalists Award for Investigative Journalism and the National Magazine Award, for an investigative report on the lives of Chinese boat refugees published in the Canadian magazine Maclean’s. She is the first Chinese Canadian to win such a prestigious award.



Mr.John Daperis

After serving with the Greek armed forces in the WWII, John Daperis arrived in Canada in 1952 and settled in Montreal. In his efforts to help his fellow Greek immigrants understand what was going around them Mr. Daperis set on a course to create a means to do just that. So he started Broadcasting to Greek speaking Montrealers with daily communication, information, news, entertainment and most of all building a bridge between the new country and the old for the Greek immigrants of Quebec. From 1955 he started broadcasting in the Greek language over o French radio station in Montreal. 1997  he launched the CJNT television.

2003 John spearheads an application to CRTC for an FM commercial over the air Radio station license. In 2004 the CRTC grants John Daperis and Canadian Hellenic Cable Radio a radio station license. CKDG is born.




Luba Cherny, president of media company Canadian Russian Courier is publishing since 1996, two Russian community weekly newspapers the Canadian Courier and the Russian Carousel. Since 2001 she is organizing the Russian Carousel annual event at Mel Lastman Square. Also since 2004 Luba is producing and broadcasting the Russian TV Show “The Morning”. Luba Cherny is a member of the board and the treasurer of the Russian Speaking Congress of Canada.